How Evidence-Based Management Can Help Achieve Better Business Outcomes


Organisations view agile approaches as the silver bullet to improve their market competitiveness by how quickly they respond to market changes. If you ask these organisations how that is possible, a common response would be “Our agile teams deliver business value faster.” …

How do you know when Scrum is done wrongly?

Scrum is a lightweight framework that helps teams generate value through experiences (“empiricism”), self-organise while working towards a goal. Being a lightweight framework, it leaves a lot of room for interpretation and implementation. For the same reason, this results in misunderstood or ‘bogus’ Scrum.

Bogus Scrum is unavoidable. When it…

What should aspiring organisations start doing? What should they avoid? Is there a success formula?

Agile is a bandwagon that everyone is jumping onto. For tech businesses, it is like a snowball that is rolling down the hill — growing larger and gaining momentum for some time since the first official Scrum Guide was released in February 2010.

A topic around how to make an…

Melvin Sng

Scrum Master (PSMI) and agile enthusiast. I work with passionate Scrum Teams, advocating Agile, Scrum and Design Thinking to create user-centric products. 🇸🇬

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